Services and Pricing

Example Pricing

Custom Music Production

Most services sub-pages list an example pricing. As we offer individual services and custom made products, prices differ from job to job.

For a custom music production, a single song, we can start as low as 99€. This will be a simple song we produce in about 2-3h including a quick but nice mastering, it will sound professional and it will be yours forever. No strings attached and exclusive, unlike the tracks from our store which can be purchased and used by several parties.

If you need a more complex song, prices will depend on your exact needs – but we will give you a quote and stick to it.


We do not provide Mixing-as-a-Service (MaaS – IT joke, never mind) as you would expect from a traditional Recording Studio. We’re more of a B2B Digital Agency and try to help our customers to get their digital media projects up and going as good, fast & cheap as possible. Tracking, Mixing and maybe Mastering a Band or Artist is a service beyond our limits and you should consider a specialized Studio and Audio Engineer. We can assist you with finding that place.


Mastering of an already produced song will cost you about 75€ – it’s hard to tell: Maybe your song is 2h long. That would cost more.

Video Production

Ok, now we’re far out and it’s really difficult to make a cost prediction for your 22-Episode long Webseries without actually knowing how many UFOs will destroy which capital and the color of the lazer beams. But we will try, if you contact us and share some details.

Production Flatrate

Digital Media Production is a recurring process for many companies, we’ve learned that from experience. That why offers various flatrate models. Pick the one that suites you best, switch or cancel any time you need to.

Profit from an ongoing relationship where we get to know each other, optimize our collaboration over time and keep bills at level of “no surprises”.

We’ve made these service flatrates, because they work and bring a big relief to both partners, you and us. Not only they take away pressure from you but also give you something to calculate.

Prices include unlimited usage of existing equipment and guaranty our equipment will always be available for you and in properly working condition – we spent a lot of time on that actually. Prices do not include purchase or rent of additional equipment, assets or 3rd party services. If you need those, we usually pass the bill to you without additional charges. 


80€ / Month – Up to 2 man-hours of work


240€ / Month – Up to 6 man-hours of work.


500€ / Month – Up to 14 man-hours of work.

“You Basically Own Us” – Package

1999€ / Month – Up to 60 man-hours of work, no matter what. Please grant us 2 hours of sleep every other day.