Video Postproduction

Professional Post Production with Davinci Resolve Studio


Noise Reduction & Stabilisation

Qualitative improvement of your video material ranges from small corrections up to major digital polish – depending on the source material we actually got more possibilities here, compared to audio restoration. RAW Material and 4k give us even further possibilities, on top we can blend in

  • Stock Photography
  • Stock Video
  • 3D Renderings with Blender 3D
  • Realtime 3D objects and texture planes with Fusion
  • Other Stock Media like intros or special titles

Our professional video software Davinci Resolve Studio provides us with  a range of additional options, like Temporal (interframe) Noise Reduction, several stabilization options and OpenFX filters.

Planar Tracking and Camera Tracking

We can do the more simple process of “Planar Tracking”, widely used to ad pseudo 3D text to moving video elements on-the-fly. If needed we can do more complex Camera Tracking combined with 3D rendering and Camera Mapping (aka Camera Projection methods).

Color Correction & Color Grading

Years of photography, graphics design and video work give us confidence to correct and grade all material,  standard   / rec709, log, even raw, with ease. We’ll be providing examples soon.

Visual FX & 3D

We can do color correction & color grading, also of log and raw footage, albeit we don’t shoot video raw, just log. We offer several options to integrate titles and graphics, also we can do 3D stills and animations up to the level of photo-realism. Here are a few examples of our 3D animation and VFX work.

Note: Please change quality to 4k before playing back.

With Fusion now integrated directly in Resolve, small Visual Effects are simpler than ever before. Of course the star in our pipeline will remain the fantastic open source software Blender with it’s linear workflow out-of-the-box and more possibilities than you could count. Blender’s newest addition, the realtime engine Eevee, finally makes VFX affordable for everyone, because no cost-intensive Renderfarm is needed anymore.

We can create, modify and view even complex scenes in realtime and so can eliminate all errors. We’ll – we are only human, ok? Rendering in 4k and high quality takes only a few hours for up to minutes long sequences. Most of the clips you see on this website were efficiently produced (that means: quick and cheap) and rendered in a realtime-engine within less than an hour on our average workstation. All 4k, all custom made, all affordable for SMIs.