Qualitative Soundtrack Improvement

Compression and Leveling

After optional clean-up (see below) we bring the audio to a good, audible and even level so your audience won’t need to adjust the volume on their playback device constantly while watching your video. We do our best (and we’re pretty good at it) to provide an audio track that is as loud as your competitor’s video but won’t kick your viewers in the face.

On top we can mix in your music track and record level automation to blend music and voice perfectly.

Noise removal and clean-up (optional)

Even for internal schooling or public relation company videos with expected small audience you should consider providing a quality audio track. But recording doesn’t always work out as expected and there may have been factors you didn’t expect on the shoot, like:

  • Exceptional background noise from construction sites, roads, planes or crowds
  • Weather noise like wind and rain
  • Too low or too high levels on recording
  • Equipment malfunction and defect
  • Room reverb overshadowing the actual material

Before compression, we can make sure that we remove as much noise as technically possible without impacting the important foreground material, using industry standard tools and even manual retouching.

What to expect from noise-reduction

Although we’re using professional tools like RX7 and secrect techniques* we’ve learned from a long lost book written by an ancient alien species so far more powerful than us humans – there are limits. If a software clean-up would give similar results to, say, a set for 2000€ microphones and preamps positioned by an experienced recording engineer: Well that would make couple of items / persons in this sentence obsolete. And yet they still exist.

Audio clean-up can produce underwhelming results because audio is a one-dimensional data stream – when signals are destroyed or cancelled out by a louder signal there’s only so much you can do about it, even with pro-grade software interpolation. But let us add one fact: An audio clean-up is a fix for an accident that already happened. A recording like an interview that already took place and cannot be repeated for reasons of time, cost or availability. So consider again, because at this point it’s most likely your only option – and it’s cheap.

*yep, essentially a multiband compressor.

Noise reduction / room reverb removal Demo

Huge thanks and shoutout to John Savill for letting us use one of his videos for this demonstration.



Pricing depends on the material we have to process. But to give you an example: You send in a Youtube Video that needs the above listed post production steps. Your video is 15 minutes long and the audio suffers from the usual issues like background noises and uneven levels. For Compression and Leveling, including automation, we would charge 199€. For additional clean-up before Compression we would charge another 299€, that makes in total 498€, but we’re very bad at calculating so we would offer you a price of 400€ straight. Of course, longer or more complex material may cost more, we’ll tell you that beforehand once we got to know the job.

What to send to us (important)

Provide us with as much data as possible. The bigger the file size the better. The more files the better.

Bad: One already mixed-down audio track as 64kbps MP3

Perfect: Separate audio tracks (voice, music, sfx, etc.) as untouched / unproccessed & uncompressed WAV-files