Mastering for Streaming

Music Mastering example

Here’s a track by Artist quite_nice who recently joined us. It’s a beautiful song and sound-wise a typical, home-recorded track.

Before mastering:


And after digital dynamic & loudness mastering, including rehearsal.


The difference will be especially noticable if you listen to both tracks on a set of Hifi Stereo speakers (and not your laptop). The track is now open, clear and present, has even levels and the drums punch through. You can hear background instruments that disapeared before. The “muddiness” is gone, it’s ready to be used, for example, in a video production.

Thanks quite_nice for providing this track.


Loudness Mastering

Different streaming services require different loudness mastering levels. We provide dedicated mastering for all streaming services:

  • iTunes / iTunes High Fidelity 96khz 24bit / 32bit – Not “Mastered for iTunes” *
  • Beatport
  • Youtube, Soundcloud, FM, Spotify
  • mp3-download

* Note: Right now we do not offer to fulfil the “Mastered for iTunes” specification “MFiT”. For that we’d have to be Certified MFiT Mastering Engineers, which we are not. But you will get a correctly converted and non-dithered 32bit wav file. We may or may not try to get this certification in the future, but we have to add that we aren’t exactly convinced of some of Apples common practices and there is no official Apple program to get an MFiT certification. As far as we could find out “you just have to speak to the right person” to get that Certification. If you want to find out more about “Mastered for iTunes” or need an MfiT Mastering Engineer we can recommend this great page: Please be aware that we don’t know this service personally.

Dynamic Mastering

Before you can stream your music, podcast, commercial or video you should consider mastering your audio material. We provide an affordable service using industry standard tools like:

  • iZotope Ozone 8 Advanced
  • Kush Clariphonic
  • Kush Hammer DSP
  • Softube Weiss Mk3 Mastering Compressor / Limiter
  • iZotope RX 7

just to name a few. Your audio is mastered by humans with love** & professional experience on dedicated audio monitor speakers in a treaded room, with the purpose of application in mind: Streaming services, Youtube videos, Advertisement Video Streaming and Radio Streaming Plattforms.

**Make sure we will love your music, before you send it to us!


Our rates start as low as 75€ / per Track including the FM / Youtube Master. For additional masters with charge only 25€ / streaming service. Some streaming services don’t differ from others (resp. don’t differ from the FM Master), of course we don’t charge extra for that.


Every track is rehearsed on 7 sets of speakers, ranging from HiFi speakers over Vintage gear to buget headphones to ensure your audio will sound good everywhere.


There’s one revision per Track included within a period of 2 weeks after we delivered the final product to you. Additional revisions or revisions outside that time frame cost 25€ each.