Foto & Video Production

Photography contract work & custom jobs

On-site photography in Freiburg starts as low as 399€ / day, while we’re warming up. This is an introduction price that will go up in the near future, so stay alert. We deliver in 24 Megapixel 32bit + web-ready formats including a nice post production. No traveling expenses for Freiburg City area.

Important: Tell us beforehand what, when & where you want to shoot. Show us some reference regarding the expected result. We cannot bring all and everything in terms of gear, background and lighting setup. For portraits we can offer grey, greenscreen and white as background at the moment, we’ll expand our background collection over time.

Background replacement

We can replace backgrounds on most pictures but best results can be achieved only if we know that before a shot. There’s some preparation going into a “close-to-perfect” background replacement – not what you’d expect, we won’t shoot you on a greenscreen for that. The color cast usually outweights the small advantages of chroma keying (tech-speak for green- and blue-screening). Greenscreen is for video – or if you want a green background.

Background replacement of existing photos starts at 49€ / piece up to 249€ / piece depending on the complexity and the desired quality.

Custom video work

No matter what: Contact us first! Video is a more complex manner compared to photography, whatever text we’d write here it probably won’t cover your vision. Talk to us and we’ll work out a plan, also on short terms.

Free Stuff & Stock

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We’ve just started out with Stock Foto, Video, Music and 3D – but all support is welcome in return for the free stuff we offer, like our growing CC-0 foto-library, free songs and even free videos. We chose that route over “Patronizing” to give you more control over what you get and what to support specifically.  We’ll keep making free stuff  forever, guaranteed!