Custom Music Production

Only professional grade Sounds and Equipment

Get the music you imagined – and not the music you found on the web. For your video trailer, your Youtube intro, your ad or even your wedding we produce Custom Made Music. Our sample library holds currently over 150.000 200.000 professional audio samples, as well as pretty much all classical midi sheets that exist and it’s ever growing.

But this library is only one of many parts in our digitial production environment. For your production we’ve purchased loads of top-notch synthesizers and instrument libraries, expensive hardware equipment and carefully selected only the best effect, mixing and mastering VST Plugins that are out there. If you care: Check our list of equipment and our studio fotos.

For all purposes

You have the idea – we have the tools and the experience to make your dream happen. You choose the purpose and tell us what content you’d like in your song. You need Indonesian Gambang in your  modern Youtube Intro Music? We’ve done that. You need 1h of EDM for your business event in public, but rather wanted a superb cake for your guests instead of paying roalties for the music in the background? We can help you with that! And if someone is asking, who made this song? You did! Already have recorded your personal love song for your wedding but want it to sound professional? Send us the stems, we do not only master your music, but can also produce your music.

In all formats

We deliver mixed or mastered files by default in mp3 320Kbps and wav 32bit 48Khz. If you need another format, stems or higher resolution, just ask. In most cases it won’t cost a dime extra. Exceptions might be large projects, video projects and copyright reservations (e.g. we can’t make a stem that contains only a single third-party sample). We already produce each of our own songs prepared for stems – in detail: We’re bussing Keys, Bass, Drums, FX/Other, Sends and can record each bus separately without any issue. Usually you’d have Vocal instead of Sends, but for most Youtube music you don’t want a vocal track, so we figured we might use it for Sends instead, that gives some cool new options when re-mixing.

For all platforms

Youtube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, your Website in HTML5 – whatever! We can make it happen. Tell us, what you need and we will know what format, loudness level and mixing style will suite your target platform. Got several platforms in mind? No problem at all.

Always royalty free – always affordable

Our superb equipment, years of experience and purely digital production workflow enables us to cut really low on the price, even for custom music production. Just ask for a quote and be surprised, like many customers before.


But digital music production sounds bad, right? No, it doesn’t. Despite the current (for about two decades ongoing) hype for analog music production gear, most iconic music you love on the radio has been produced partly or completely digital. Please listen to all the music we made, which can be found on this website, and give us your honest oppinion. In fact we’re so convinced about the superiority of digital over analog that we purposely bought several hardware synthesizers which in fact are all digital: Sequential’s Pro 2, Novation’s Peak & Roland’s System 1. The only analog synth we own right now is the Behringer Model D (Moog reproduction).