Our Studio in Freiburg

Hello – great you found your way here! As you may have seen already, this website isn’t finished yet, neither is our service or studio (when is the later ever finished?). We’re working hard to get things up and running but our plan is to officially start the service on the 20.02.2020. That is a great date – EDIT: and it didn’t happen. Due to recent, global events as well as personal and business responsibilities we were’nt yet able to finish our work on our first commercial song packs nor on our webshop. Still, AMP Tracks is taking orders – if you read more “About Us” you’ll find out it has done so ever since, even before this site was created.

We already consider our existing client base and orders a great success, especially our fotos bring us thousands of views each month on various plattforms, we sold a bunch of stock stuff and had direct client orders for audio, video and foto work fullfiled. We’re growing, slowly but surely and no: the global crisis won’t wipe us from existence, we learned to fight and suffered through hard times, yet stuck together and brought up AMP Tracks out-of-nowhere, to stay.