About AuD & AnD

AuD means ARTunDub, which is just some creative change of the name ARTunchained. AnD will remain a secret for a bit.

WIthin the collaboration AuD & AnD – basically a band name – we create and publish various styles of music, one being dub techno, another is our mix of Hip Hop with cinematic elements for use in Video production.

Some people write amazing songs, like Scott Storch who probably wrote some of the most iconic, popular hits in our generation of music. Other people love sound design and focus on making sample and sound libraries for a living, one name that comes to my mind is Simon Stockhausen, who make lots of Ambient libraries for UVI Falcon as well es Echo Sound Works, who besides his tutorial seems to focus on creating sample packs and libraries for popular synths.

AuD & AnD wants to produce music that stands our for it’s usage of interesting and different kind of sounds. This is really intended, cause we have fun doing sound design but don’t want to end up just creating sounds for other people. I, Manuel, recreated various detailed classic synthesizers in UVI Falcon, studying the schematics of popular hardware synths and trying to emulate them. I’m very experienced in sound design and create sounds for our songs on the fly and use them right away. That why most of our creative songs will never sound like popular mainstream or genre specific tracks. But we’ve proven in more than a handful of client jobs that we*re well capable of producing the later, very mainstream tracks. It’s not bothering us, it’s just not something we want to do in our free time. There’s enough music out there that doesn’t differ from the next.

About AMP Tracks

AMP Tracks is the place where we collect our technical and artistic efforts from multiple areas of digital media production, Audio, Video and Music. AMP Tracks was born from the need to categorize projects under one roof – these projects where already going long before AMP Tracks started, so AMP Tracks was never strategically planed.

A little history

I’ve been working as Digital Artist and Full Stack Developer for over 15 years, also in the area of 3D and VisualFX. Before even starting as a web developer I had been making and producing music for about a decade, starting at the age of 15 with Cakewalk (the one with the dots) as my first DAW. I also had learned to play several instruments in my childhood. Our house was always full of music, my sister practising French Horn for hours, my mother teaching neighbour’s children to play flute, I went for trumpet and electric guitar. My Grandfather was a conductor for an orchestra in the city nearby, we had timpanis and pianos and whatnot standing around. When I started to work as PHP developer I could not see any practical value in my musical experience, the dream of being a Rock Star had passed long ago and I didn’t want to be a recording engineer.

But time’s changed and more clients expressed their demand for Video Production while they had me contracted for web work – more editing and post productive work than creative VFX and explosions. Audio became an issue quickly – most audio was badly recorded, there was no money to buy music or to contract 3rd party services. It was around 2016 that I already had started making music again, just for me privately to give my life some balance – I didn’t have much gear so I saw a great opportunity for me: Offering audio production as a service would give me the chance to invest some of my “company budget” to operate the gear I could never afford otherwise. And it turned out to be the right move, I was able to make clients happy on more than 20 small productions in 2017 / 2018 already- I usually get some raw footage, a wish-list and a small budget in and return a complete product within less than 2 weeks.